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Significance of Public Private Partnership The public sector involvement in industries has been reducing over years due to limited resources, both human and financial. This is a global phenomenon that is necessitated by limited growth of the government tax coffers....

News Bulletin for July 2014

Significance of Public Private Partnership In South Africa there are two poultry veterinary sectors, namely the public veterinary services (government) and private veterinary sector. Both of these sectors play a significant role in the country’s biggest and important...


Focus on biosecurity in backyard and small-scale chickens South Africa’s poultry represents an important sector in animal production, with backyard flocks representing the majority among villagers and small-scale farmers. These communities raise poultry to meet...

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Poultry Diseases Surveillance in the spotlight Since most of you will be reading this edition at Avi Africa, I could spend time sharing the achievements and the challenges faced by the PDMA in the last year. However, since there will be many other opportunities to do...

News Bulletin for February 2014

The PDMA have kick-started the year in high gear, which bodes well for the rest of 2014. We have had our first group of State Vets for training in 2014. These are 7 of the 20 that we will be working with this year. As with the previous year’s groups, these vets went...

Dear Producer and Cull Trader,

Please note that the PDMA will remain open remotely during the lockdown period. You will not be able to contact us on the landline. Live chicken/cull traders will be required to produce a trader certificate at purchase. Therefore registrations will continue on the PDMA website.

State Veterinary services and AI surveillance testing will continue as per the attached email entitled contingency. Arrangements have been made with laboratories to continue with testing services should you encounter any problems contacting provincial state veterinary services kindly contact the PDMA. Please note that in some of the provinces official state veterinary emails are not working and the state vets are using Gmail accounts e.g. Northwest and Free State. Should you not get a response please contact the provincial directors for assistance or the PDMA.

For any enquiries regarding PDMA related issues or should they encounter problems. Please contact us on email and our cell phones:

Important COVID-19 Documentation